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Sound off for April 26
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Here are some of the issues that area residents are discussing. The statements were phoned in anonymously, so the Courier does not know if they are true, nor do we know what motivated the callers:


“Black Hawk Down” again in Somalia after so many years. And now Iraq and Iran were enemies under Saddam and after the United States leaves they will be enemies again.

 I’m glad we’re having a Small World Festival for the people who called in about the illegal aliens running the convenience stores. I hope the Indian community comes out in force to give these people an idea what is really going on.

 What makes the opening of a tattoo parlor in Midway more newsworthy than the opening of any other business in the community?

 It sickens me to see people who call themselves Christians but you can tell they are not Christians by the way they treat other people. You do not treat people like they don’t exist when you see them.

 Rumors and gossip are not good things to do.

 I did not settle for second best just because I thought I couldn’t get no one else. This world is too large to settle for what some people settle for.

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