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Sound off for April 27

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I think it is a disgrace that the soldiers have to go down to Fleming, or wherever it is, to catch a bus, when they are spending their time and money in Hinesville. At least they could find a decent place for a bus station.

Here we go again. Supply chain management branch leadership cursing employees out again. What in the world is going on?

So, Mr. Lovette, when you went up to the high school to tell the kids to tell their parents to vote for SPLOST, did you bother to tell them some of us pay $200-$300 on our cars to repair the roads, and that it was your people through poor management that wasted that money?

Thought to the Pre-K: Why can’t the teachers come through the front door? No teacher should have to walk around the building to get inside. And we don’t need curtains stuck to the windows because in case of emergency the window is blocked.

It’s a sad state of affair in Liberty County, especially, when carneys won’t pay with American money for items they have purchased.

Why are there rules in place at TCE about student birthday celebrations when employees blatantly ignore them? If you can have a pizza party with your husband and kindergartner, why can’t I? I was told I could only bring store bought cupcakes, yet this person had a pizza party and treat jars for the kids.

If you want to get read, this is how you shuold write.

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