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Sound off for April 3
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OMI can profess to be an ethical company all day long, but the bottom line is every year they take more than $1 million of the taxpayers’ money to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.
Everyone needs to pray that the Bible be put back in school so that kids can know the difference between heaven and hell, and living hell here on earth and spending their lives in jail and murder. I remember when children threw spitballs at children — it was better than bullets and killing a whole classroom full of children. Put the Bible back in school.

What don’t the leaders of our city, county and country get about not wasting our tax dollars? Like the buses. Lay the people off, save the insurance, save the fuel, don’t raise taxes.

Thank you, Judge Braun, for your interest and for your love of people enough to have the Recovery Place for the DUI Court graduation. That was a good article, and we do thank you so much, Judge Braun, again for your caring and for the article in the paper. Thank you so much.

To the person calling Sound off about AC Moore Arts & Crafts Store, it’s in the Savannah Mall on the bottom floor. Thank you.

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