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Sound off for April 4

These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers do not identify themselves, so we can verify neither sources nor motives. Call 876-3733. You may also anonymously submit a comment at

To the post commander, are you aware that the person who assaulted and humiliated a teenager working as a bagger in your commisary continues to be a supervisor. Those this means she has the right to disrespect me because I’m gay? So I’m not welcome to shop at the commissary?

It’s frustrating when you call the board office and ask to speak to the superintendent and you’re told she’s working from home. Since when is that an option to work from home? It couldn’t be for privacy because she has a huge office and a large conference room where she can be left alone. Taxpayers, we’re paying for our superintendent to work at home. That’s one more reason I’ll vote no for ESPLOST on May 24th.

Both Liberty and Long county governments are saying they do not have money to repair and pave roads. But, we have about 60% of the vehicles on our roads that are driving on FREE tags. Maybe they should start charging for free tags so we get our roads repaired in both counties.

We recognize Liberty High school basketball team, which is a good thing; it should be known that Bradewell high school are state champions in the state reading bowl over all high school in the state. Congratulations to both high schools.

Why does the City of Riceboro have an assistant city clerk? There are special classes and training one must go through to gain such title.That is an insult to the certified city clerk that has been there for years. If they just have to pass out titles then she should be called the utility billing technician, not an assistant city clerk.

People are always talking about keeping Liberty County beautiful and clean. There should be a law that requires dog owners to scoop their dog’s poop. I get very frustrated when I step in big globs of dog poop. We should have pride in our community.

Kudos to Riceboro for improvements to the fire station, roads and recreation building ... I am not complaining about improvements. I am bringing to light all of the other things those improvements are trying to cover up. For the last caller, you should already know that I am out because my complaints are truth.

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