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Sound off for April 5
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These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can neither verify sources nor their motives. Call 876-3733 to leave a message.

To the person who said that I was uninformed about the vacation days. I appreciate that because you were exactly right. George W. Bush in eight years took 1,020 days of vacation time, 32 percent of his time on vacation. President Obama thus far has only taken 123 days. You can look it up anywhere you like.

America, what have you done? You put a man in the White House who is destroying capitalism, destroying our military. And the Senate and Congress have failed us; no one has tried to stop. The country is falling. Who is Obama? He has become a dictator tearing our constitution apart.

This is for the caller about the aspartame: If we can’t trust the FDA in our country, what are we to trust? I have been using aspartame since the day my company found it. I invented it, and that was 26 years ago. I do not have any side effects. Please check your records first.

Help, help, help! Where can I find some local honey? My son’s allergies are awful, and I hear the local honey will help very much. So somebody please tell me where I can find some local honey.  (Editor’s note: The farmers market usually has two vendors.)

I truly enjoy Hollie’s Welcome to Motherhood column each week. I have grown children, and I still learn so much from this article. Hollie, keep it coming! Thank you.

Please start spraying for mosquitoes. They are out and they are really bad in all areas. Please start spraying for mosquitoes.

The bylaws of Arlington Park are that no cars are overnight parked. Please have the police check and see, because there’s some that’s lined up, and it’s a very big safety problem.

For the caller who needs to know where A.C. Moore is, it is located in the Savannah Mall in the upstairs place, not the downstairs place. It is a very cool craft store. (Editor’s note: A map at shows A.C. Moore on the upper level near Target.)

The article about the father allegedly murdering his toddler and leaving her locked in the bathroom sounded incomplete and left me with a lot of questions still. I mean, where was the toddler during the day? Was she left at home? It said they didn’t pay for childcare. Did they lock her in the bathroom for months at a time? This is just a horrible, horrible incident, and I’m wondering what all the details really were.

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