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Sound off for April 8
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 I don’t own a computer. Religiously speaking, Easter has to do with the rising of Jesus Christ and the dead. How did the Easter bunny and Easter eggs come into the Easter way?

I stay in Midway at the Villages in Limerick. All of these houses that are out here and new houses being built. We only have one playground, which is really small. What I don’t understand is why don’t they build another playground? Especially when we pay homeowners’ dues.

Please explain in Sound off what you mean with “Don’t walk the streets of Midway or you’re subject to go to jail.” What do you mean by this?

It was a beautiful day in Hinesville, but Fort Stewart has blocked the sun with thick smoke.

Isn’t there anything they can do about the manhole covers on the street being so deep that you pretty much need a wheel alignment done after you ride on the street?

I’m a prostate-cancer survivor. I just called the American Cancer Society and said, “Look, if pink represents breast cancer, then what color represents prostate cancer?” The American Cancer Society in Texas told me that blue represents prostate cancer, and the month for that is September.

Thank you, police force in Midway. If we have people coming in Midway on the streets or whatever that are causing trouble and breaking our laws, then you need to take them to jail. Let them come forward and say why they’re not coming to Midway and walking the streets or someone will take them to jail.

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