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Sound off for Aug. 1
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Whoever went down Davis Road and threw out a sack of garbage, including a baby’s diaper, in front of my house, I suspect their whole house and yard is that way. They have no respect for their county, their roads or anybody. You just can say that they’re nasty people, whoever they are.

The Republican Party has become such a disgrace to the working society, so I’m going to change my affiliation. I think I’m going to go independent. It’s a disgrace, they’re putting out all these idiots talking this simple talk. I’m a Republican, but not anymore.

I will not pledge allegiance to the flag or to the plutocracy for which it now stands. One nation, divided by 1 percent with all the power and wealth, and with no liberty or justice for 99 percent of taxpayers.

Why is open house on Thursday? The kids don’t start school on Monday; wouldn’t it make more sense for the open house to be on Friday?

Downtown Hinesville doesn’t have a parking problem; it has a lazy problem.

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