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Sound off for Aug. 12

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Can we please start ticketing, maybe a $20 or $30 ticket, for people that walk around without their shirts on in downtown Hinesville or with their pants sagging? Nobody wants to see that. Thank you. Gee whiz.
Why is the Liberty County School System offering a signing bonus for their teacher shortage? If they would treat their teachers the correct way and do things right, then maybe the teachers who stuck it out the past two years could get a bonus instead of new people coming in off the street.

I think that they should put more metal detectors at all banks when entering and all movie theaters. That will eliminate all guns. More metal detectors at the doors. Thank you.
I understand they’re worried about kids getting fat today — big, big issue. But I’d like to know why the head dietitians are not informed that the wheat that we have today and that we put in our food is actually fattening and causing kids to be fatter. So why is everything in the cafeteria made of wheat? Has anybody researched this, or have they not agreed on this? It’s been public knowledge that this wheat is fattening.
Four trips to Africa in six years — why? Last trip, the president gave them over $7 billion. When has he visited poor areas and ghettos in the United States? Costs millions for each trip. Our poor, aged schools, communities and veterans need this money more than his so-called vacations to see his roots and relatives. We have the secretary of state to negotiate foreign affairs. He is giving away our hard-earned money. We need to take care of this country first and foremost.
This message is in reference to the letter to the editor, “Rebel flag not a symbol of slavery.” Anytime that you make the statement that slavery was a minor issue at the time, that statement within itself lets us know that you have no clue about slavery. There is nothing minor about slavery — nothing on any level.

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