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Sound off for Aug. 15

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To the city and housing authority, as a concerned citizen, for safety purposes, please ask the residents of Rebecca Street to remove their vehicles from the street. An emergency vehicle couldn’t get through.

A teen knows it is racial prejudice when they put applications in at the same place and none of them are hired, while several of their black friends have gotten jobs there. It’s a shame they teach that in this city.

If you have a teacher who is certified in special ed in your school that wants to teach special ed they should be able to teach special ed. They should get a chance.

To the medically discharged guy who is so anxious to work with the sergeant major, the sergeant major is not your personal babysitter. You are probably the one who was terminated for being a troublemaker and instigator.

To the board of education and Dr. Lee, now we can see how important STAR was to our teachers, principals and students. We have had bad state grades because you did away with STAR. We were lied to about the replacement program. BoE, if you care about making our schools better, bring STAR back.

At the rate our country is going, our flag will fly at half mast all the time. Something really needs to be done.

In the letter to the editor by Mr. Calderone on July 24 I really wish he would have done a fact check on his statements with regards to all the flights. During this time frame Donald Trump owned an airline called Trump Shuttle which flew Boston to NY and filed Chapter 11. Trump has not done anything for free. He only does things to make himself money or newsworthy. With regards to flying the Marines for free that would be against federal FAR Laws and the contracting officer should have been put in jail. The federal government is not allowed to accept gifts for free.

I am really upset to learn that a minority chamber has been created in Hinesville. Wouldn’t it make more sense for those businesses to just join the actual chamber? I mean, it just seems like someone is trying to make themselves feel important.

I understand the sorrow of losing a loved and wanting to let them know you are thinking of them by sending some communication. The best way is by prayer or burning candles, not by releasing balloons. The balloons deflate and fall to the ground or oceans where the animals and sea creatures ingest them and die. Please don’t release balloons.

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