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Sound off for Aug. 17

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Americans are angry with our overpaid and underqualified Congress. I will be ecstatic if Trump tells each and every one that the people’s choice is, “You’re fired.”

How in the world can we as parents afford this insurance and everything on these iPads? We did not vote to have iPads in school. Bring the books back. We do not (make) this much money like the Board of Education people do. It’s not right for us parents to try to pay for this extra insurance and money when you have several children living in the household.

I was just wondering since they’re doing the road work on Airport Road, are they going to put skywalks in like they’re doing on Veterans Parkway? It’ll make a good-looking project, I’ll tell you that. Just my opinion.

OK, Liberty Board of Education, how come we are having to go to the 27th of May for our last day of school when you’re starting so early, and why are we having almost a week-and-a-half break for spring break when all the other schools are getting out before us that start after us? Can you tell me why?

Yes, I take long walks in the morning, and Stacy Street and North Main Street have become impassable with the overgrowth hanging out over the sidewalks. Can’t the city get them cut?

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