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Sound off for Aug. 17

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Our guidance counselors should be paid more.

So people are complaining about nepotism because Kathy Walden got a thankless, unpaid position on the library board. One that she is qualified for and where she will do a great job. Where were these same complainers when the current LCHS principal was allowed to apply for the job over Memorial Day weekend after the job had closed and interviews had already been concluded? She was allowed to do it and got the job because her “Aunt Belle” is the BoE chair. Now that is nepotism. Next thing you know, they will name a stadium after a family member. Oh wait...

Please park one of the hot spot buses at our school during the day so that we will have Internet access when ours drops several times a day. Be innovative, but make sure basic services work first, please!

The Liberty County sheriff and the Midway chief of police never do anything about their deputies and officers that harass  the citizens. Let’s vote out those elected official that don’t listen us. And vote no for SPLOST and then vote in people that will listen, especially the sheriff, the county chairman, commissioners, councilmen and mayors.

I have now heard it all. My students can now cuss me out or even hit me, and they get a vacation and then get to make up all their work. And I’m sure it will be made up at the student’s convenience, not mine. We are now rewarding bad behavior.

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