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Sound off for Aug. 19
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I see in the newspaper, the Courier, the stores — Food Lion, Walmart and Kroger — which store do you buy groceries at most often. I buy groceries at Sav-a-Lot, and you don’t even have Sav-a-Lot listed and it’s one of the cheapest you can buy at on your milk and other items. Why didn’t you put their name to make a choice?

This is in reference to the caller who commented about George Zimmerman’s day will come. They need to remember, so will the boy that shot the baby in Brunswick, and so will the black gentleman in South Carolina who shot the boy, and the three gentlemen that shot the waitress for her tips. Their days are coming, also. Oh I forgot — Mack Daddy will get them off.

How about real-estate signs on overgrown lots? Don’t blame it all on the city; they have enough to do. By the way, trash pick-up, they’re doing a good job. Some guys even have time to smile at you and say hello.

Businesses that are going out because of taxes, how come foreigners come to this country for three years don’t have to pay taxes, and after three years they sell it to a relative so they don’t ever pay taxes? Americans are being mistreated.

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