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Sound off for Aug. 22

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After reading about the iPads and Liberty County students, I think it is wise for the students getting their books on the iPads, but what about the parents who need to help the kids, but don’t have any training or even any iPads.

If they are rewriting the city ordinance on parking on lawns, I’m not sure if they are going to start allowing it, but you might want to contact your city commissioner to tell them how you feel about letting other people devalue your property by how they park their vehicles.

Hinesville is really blessed to have the Atlantic Foot and Ankle Specialists. They are such special people, so mannerly and well-spoken to others.

Did you enlarge the print in the comic strips or have my eyes gotten better? I used to have to use a magnifying glass to read it. Thanks. I appreciate it.

I work for Liberty County Board of Education. Why did the teachers, janitors, kitchen workers, lawn care, why did we not get a raise while the office workers and administrators get a raise and are having a good time on vacation. I can’t even take my family on vacation.

I think all deputies should get out of those little polo shirts and wear real uniforms.

Why is the superintendent’s former secretary running a church out of the former board office, which I believe is still owned by the board of education? Isn’t that a conflict, combining church and state?

Wow, a Liberty Regional EMS ambulance went by me going at least 60 in a 45 mile per hour zone. They were definitely in a hurry to get to breakfast down at Huddle House in Midway. Slow it down, ambulance drivers.

I’m no longer sure who’s in charge of it, but when is the City Council going to restart spraying in our area? We’ve got Zika moving up from Florida. We need to protect our elderly, young and pregnant people.

Elaine Boggs had advertised with and supported the Coastal Courier for many years. I’m sure that she is happy to know that it is paying off for her. The article that was published on July 31 about her business being blacklisted was a completely biased article. The article all but nominated her to be the next mayor of Hinesville. So much for unbiased reporting. This article goes to show why so many people don’t bother to read the newspaper any more. I know I’m done reading the Coastal Courier. I want facts not a love fest about a crooked local business owner.

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