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Sound off for Aug. 23
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Values are very important to families.

I would like to tell Sound off thank you, Randy Murray, for the article on Southern hospitality. I have been hearing about not having Southern hospitality now for about three years from a pastor that just said he didn’t find it when he came down here from Pennsylvania. Thank you, Randy, for explaining Southern hospitality.

The pads or tablets that they give to use at a doctor’s office … I was wondering if they disinfect them in between each patient. If they don’t, why don’t they disinfect it with something between each patient?

What’s happened to Sound off? Only two in the paper, and when you call in sometimes, it’s full. Please get it straightened it out. We love Sound off, and we want to see more — even a half-page in there.

Liberty County Board of Education, you slap us with furlough days, you hire an overpaid superintendent who comes in and creates high-dollar jobs, gets herself a brand-new car and who knows what other frivolous spending. What a slap in the face to your employees. You all should be fired.

It looks like the board of education made another mistake. This new superintendent is bringing in her own people from her hometown. She doesn’t care about Liberty County. Way to go, board of education.

I would like to say, in my opinion, the women in the area are looking prettier every day.

For the past two years, OMI has done a very poor job of cutting grass, cleaning ditches and sweeping the streets.

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