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Sound off for Aug. 24

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I just love how the City Council used our taxpayer dollars to go on another boondoggle to St. Simons, and then they have the audacity to discuss — and it seems to be their No. 1 priority — getting SPLOST to pass. Are they so dim they can’t understand? The voters voted no to SPLOST. The council is not responsible enough to spend the money we have already given them; why would we give them more?

I just went over to the Liberty County annex building to check on my taxes, and it’s a shame that those people have to work in that heat. They need to do something about that.

In Wednesday’s (Aug. 5) Courier, under Community News, you have it wrong. The other Neighborhood Market is slated to be built on East Oglethorpe Highway and Gen. Stewart, not Gen. Screven.

Are we currently in a teacher shortage? I didn’t think we were. We have a surplus of teachers out there looking for work. Don’t think we should be taking nontraditional teachers as Dr. Lee’s recruitment plan calls for. We simply don’t need them. We have qualified teachers looking for work.

This is for the people at Bradwell. Aspartame is dangerous and bad for one’s health, so why are you putting only diet sodas into the machines? Liberty has regular sodas. Some people have severe headaches from aspartame. It also stimulates the appetite. It’s been proven that aspartame is not good for you; it’s dangerous.

I visited my child for lunch at JME recently and felt sad as I looked around at the children. They are treated like inmates at a prison eating in silence as employees walk by the tables “on guard.” It’s just very sad. Not a good memory.  Since when are children not allowed to be children?

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