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Sound off for Aug. 26

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All places of business should have designated parking for their employees. Please allow your patrons to park up front.

Regarding your Facebook activity on page 2A, you’re cutting off your nose to spite your face by not utilizing your own community-blog commentary that has to do with local issues. Please reconsider and go back to your own home rather than go to a Facebook activity.

Why did each school have to pay money to the central office slush fund? They had to pay a certain amount per pupil, but that slush fund is used to feed the BOE members meals, and for parties at the central office. Next time your student comes home with fundraising materials from the school, just remember what part of that money goes to.

Well, Jimmy, I believe, based on your letter, you’re becoming a Republican. Signed, Roger.

I sure hope the work that they’re doing on Airport Road will look just as good as the work that they’re doing on Veterans Parkway that’s going into Fort Stewart. A sidewalk would be nice, would make a good walking trail, beautify Hinesville, at least on the west side.

This is to the Long County commissioners. I see where you all are opening applications back again for the fire-chief job in Long County. I believe you kick this can long enough just so you know you can employ everyone kin to you, your drinking buddies, hunting-and-fishing buddies and so on. You’ve got some good candidates; make a decision for everyone involved. Make the tough choice for the most qualified.

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