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Sound off for Aug. 28
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I can’t believe that the church in Hinesville on South Main is asking each family to donate $200 so they can give the pastor a total of $50,000 for pastor appreciation. What in the world are times coming to? It’s a hot mess.
Regardless of political affiliation, I urge all military members to read the social-service section of the Affordable Health Care Act. It looks like every military child is going to be labeled as “at risk,” giving DHS the right to enter our homes at any time. Is this how our country rewards us?
Well, it appears the Tea Party/birther cretins are finally getting a healthy dose of their own medicine, and it doesn’t seem to be going down well. Ted Cruz, the Canadian — imagine that — the original Dudley Do Far Right. I’m sure the Canadians feel worse about this fact then he ever could. Hardy-har-har.
Concerning bus service for students: Some parents don’t want their 4-year-olds on school buses without seat belts or car seats. It’s a safety thing.

Kudos to the community for the “Tied to Success” event, held this past weekend. It was wonderful. I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from men that went from 10 to whatever age. Thanks, community.

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