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Sound off for Aug. 3

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Let the thing go about Carolyn Brown. She did her time, so you say, without taxpayers’ money, but no one complaining about when the person before her was taking money, so they say. But leave Carolyn Brown alone. She has did her time, so let it go. It’s over. Done.  Zip.

Why are assistant superintendents not held to the same ethical and education standards as all teachers and administrators in the county?

Maybe if our government had been spying on China instead of law-abiding American citizens, our private and personal information would still be private. Thanks, Uncle Sam, for helping our red Commie neighbors steal our identities. Now that we know how our government is operated, let’s roll some heads in 2016.

I’m a Vietnam veteran that’s been back since 1970, and firecrackers still scare me very badly. And a neighbor of mine who grew up during World War II in Germany, with all the bombs going overhead, she says they still scare her real bad.

Since the tragedy of the nine people in South Carolina, a lot has been said and written about the South and slavery. Why does no one talk about the North and their slaves? If memory serves me, Massachusetts was the first state to have slaves. Also, Lincoln did not include the Northern slaves in his Emancipation Proclamation. Just thought I’d let that be known.

School starts in Long County on July 31 and Liberty County (Aug. 4) during the hottest time of the summer, and school buses have no air conditioners. Whose idea is this? Kids get off the buses dripping with sweat and faces flushed. Kids are supposed to be off during the summer. Come on, please, whose idea is this?

I would like to thank the mayor of Ludowici for taking such great a stand as he did on the issue of marriage. For the chairman of the county commission, your mama raised you better. Grow a backbone for Jesus, because she raised you better, boy.

Please, please, the community of Midway, let’s support our businesses here. Please support our businesses in Midway; we need to keep them here.

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