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Sound off for Aug 30

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“I was trying to see the eclipse and there were clouds in the way. My kids were out of school for this? The city should reimburse my child care for today.”

“Before Donald Trump puts our sons and daughters in harm’s way, he needs to release his income taxes so the American people can see whose interest he is doing this for, his or the country’s.”

“OMG, another rental house in our subdivision. We now have 33 percent rentals in a brand new subdivision in Long County. All of them are due to not being able to sell them. Maybe Mike Riddle should address this.

“For we have a real problem here in the United States. It’s called the worshiping of pagan idols such as statues and flags that represent hate and murder. For Hitler and the Nazi Party had many pagan idols which represented hate and murder. For the Bible tells us it is a sin to worship pagan idols.”

“Thanking a police officer: Community policing at it’s best! Thanks Officer Kennedy for going above and beyond, helping resolve an animal control issue with patience and compassion.”

“With all of Trumps calls for military action, he treats our military like a 5-year-old child would do who is playing in his back yard with the plastic soldiers with no regards to life.”

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