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Sound off for Aug. 31
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It’s about time for the government to start paying more attention to the real working folks in America and less attention to those collecting a welfare check. Welfare was never meant to be a career opportunity, and people are taking advantage of this.

It’s really sad that the Liberty County Board of Education would choose to come up with this policy that parents are not allowed to go visit their child’s school. Why would you punish all parents when you had one person mess up? It’s not fair — there are good parents out there that are concerned about their children’s education. Not all of us are ghetto, not all of us are illiterate, and not all of us are stupid.

Teachers should not put grades in the grade book when all the kids are failing the test. When all the kids are failing the test, it’s the teacher, not the kids. Principals should be looking at that and checking those teachers, too, because it’s not fair if everyone fails to give that grade.

I know it’s hard to believe it, but God understands politics and people. He writes it down in the book of life so you will have it when you depart this Earth. He is an understanding God.

My son came home and announced he finally got his textbooks at Snelson-Golden. Way to go, maybe they can catch up on work they should have been doing.

I want to know why the city will not cut the grass on the side of the road on Airport Road. They cut the grass everywhere else, but they won’t cut it on Airport Road. It needs to be cut. It’s a bad image for the city of Hinesville.

People better pray and turn away from their evil ways of this hate and everything. Don’t you see the revelation is at hand? Pray, people, pray.

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