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Sound off for Aug. 31

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Since when did it become OK with the Liberty County School System for principals to have open house three times within 20 days? This is absurd.

Liberty County has a gazebo next to Parker’s just off I-95. The gazebo is a disgrace. It is rusty and it needs a paint job. The signs are hard to read and the pictures (are) faded. Is this how Liberty County wants visitors to see our county?
There should be a limit on the number of hours teachers are required to work after school. Doughnuts and 15 minutes on Friday is not enough.

Hey, you may have more seniors that would come into town to do their shopping, but the lines are not where we can see them. You need to restripe the lines in the Hinesville area, especially at the stoplights by CVS.

Yesterday morning at the 8 o’clock Mass, they had the thermostat set so low and everybody was freezing. This was the first time in a long time it hurt my back. Another person with arthritis in the spine and they said, yes, the cold hurt them in the back, too.

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