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Sound off for Aug. 5
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The last thing I need is for someone to tell me what time to remove my trash can from the side of the road.

I am an elementary-school teacher in Liberty County and am being forced to take six furlough days in the upcoming school year. However, new positions are being created and people are being hired at the board of education in high-dollar positions. Can someone please explain to me how this is possible?

Liberty County officials, to include the hospital authority, the Liberty County Board of Education, the county commissioners and other areas that are being taxed by these elected officials: You have already run the people out of town, now I see you’re running the grocery stores out of town by the heavy taxes.

Dear city council of Hinesville, stop worrying about carts and leaf trash by the road waiting for pick-up. Instead, do something about these houses that have been sitting empty three, six, 12 months or more, even two or three years, and nothing has been done to the owners to clean up the lawns or the houses.

Can we trust the health department to keep our food clean in the restaurants? First, it was roaches in a restaurant that they had to take care of. Now, we have flies in lots of the restaurants and they can’t use fly swats, I’m told, or get rid of the flies easy and then use disinfectant. Now, will it be rats next in the eating place? It’s getting to the place I just feel like eating at home in my own, clean kitchen.

I would like to know if Liberty County still has the “Beautify Liberty County” rule for the houses around the housing developments. The grass is very, very high on several areas around Liberty County and I really would appreciate it if somebody could get some feedback on who’s responsible for making sure that these houses are taken care of. I see several, several real-estate company signs out. Now, come on, let’s do something to clean up Liberty County.

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