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Sound off for Aug. 7
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Here are some issues that area residents are discussing. The statements were phoned in anonymously, so the Courier does not know if they are true, nor do we know what motivated the callers:


Hats off to Cedric for having the football camp. Can we see more stuff about how other Liberty County teenagers give back to the community? Good job Cedric Dickerson.

I was just wondering how the first lady’s garden is coming along.

I guess you have to be a professor at Harvard, like Mr. Gates, to get any backing from the president. Where was he when the 77-year-old white woman was Tased during a traffic stop? Lets be fair.

When people brag about what they have they usually don’t have very much. And makes them look very insecure.

I see we are already making teacher furloughs and pay cuts for the teachers. The new president is doing such a great job.

Ten years probation for ruining a child’s life, but it’s OK because, quote, totally a product of intoxication.

Hello, can I have information for Georgia, Midway, Georgia, some information?

The $75 million coming to Liberty County and Hinesville needs to be put in the general fund instead of finding other places to spend it and give the taxpayers a break.

I’m calling about the comment about people trying to act like they have something. If that person has life, that’s everything. In today’s economy that’s enough for me.

It’s pitiful to worry about what other people have. Make your own accomplishments and mind your own business.

In these hard times, teacher furloughs, a brigade going to deploy, building a new school doesn’t make sense. It won’t fill.

How can the city council say they are pleased with OMI when they don’t even keep all the roads cut? We, the citizens are totally dissatisfied. Get the out of here, please.

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