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Sound off for Dec. 12
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If school buses were not used as personal vehicles, that would save taxpayers money on fuel. Why are school buses allowed to be taken to personal homes and violate homeowners’ covenants? That shows no respect to the homeowners; just because the school transportation thinks it’s above the law. It would be nice if we all had a vehicle to take us to work.

To be a city councilman, you should be able to recite the alphabet without singing the song.

The reason people are buying weapons is for the second economic revolution in this country. Come 2 January, you’ll find out what I mean.

Why does Liberty Elementary School send out papers a day before an event for the kids to pay to dress down? If they want the kids to participate, they should send the letter out a week in advance so the parents can let their kids participate. I think sending out a letter the day before is selfish and not fair because a lot of kids are not able to participate.

If these signs are about Obama and Biden, we will take them down after the inauguration. We’re just so proud of our president.

I would like for someone to tell me why it was maybe 3 o’clock in the afternoon before I got my Courier. It was kind of late. I might just cancel.

All you people that are anxious for Obama to give you free stuff, just remember the next time you go to McDonald’s, that young man or lady behind the counter is the one giving you the free stuff. Yes, the hard-working people are the ones giving you free stuff.

Well, Mr. Obama, I hope you enjoy your 20-day, $4 million vacation in Hawaii over Christmas, while some Americans can’t afford food for their children or presents. You’re doing this on the tax dollar while people are having such a hard time; you spent a whole year campaigning all over America. When are you ever in the White House?

Richmond Hill keeps building up. Why is it Liberty has so many companies who keep coming here, stay here for two or three years, and then close their doors? Why does Liberty keep allowing this? It doesn’t happen in other cities. You wonder why people don’t want to live here — there’s no good restaurants or good places for kids to shop; they don’t like malls.

President Obama wants to cut our military and get rid of a lot of jobs in our military. I wonder how much that gate system cost the military — that takes money.

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