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Sound off for Dec. 13
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This is for Raekwon McMillan. You said early in your recruiting that if Georgia did a better job of in-state recruiting that you would be more interested in staying in state. Well, we’ve done a really good job and have the top running back in the state of Georgia and the state of Florida, the top tight end and defensive lineman from North Carolina. With you at linebacker and Lorenzo Carter at defensive end, we might have the No. 1 recruiting class in America. You can make it happen with your decision to stay in state, where your friends and family can watch you play. After all, you are a Georgia boy, born and raised. Be a Bulldog.

More bloody wrecks on EG Miles Parkway at School House Road simply because of no center turn lanes. City leaguers, please, please get a center turn lane before more people are hurt or killed.

If anybody is missing a Siberian husky, he’s over here on Live Oak Church Road, and he’s light gray and white.

In America, we the people are divided into two groups: We the taxpayers and we the freeloaders. Currently, the freeloaders are winning.

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