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Sound off for Dec. 14
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It’s sad that yesterday, Dec. 7, three non-emergency medical transport companies closed their doors, left a lot of people out of work at Christmas time. It’s sad.

I am a Liberty County resident, and I own a house in Liberty County, so I pay taxes, too. Everyone who complains about the school taxes are going up, you have to think about you want them to take the school bus to school, don’t you? And have you looked at the gas prices lately? New school buses are not in the budget, and they have to get the money from somewhere.

To the individual praising the move of the Greyhound bus station to Fleming, I would like to point out that his or her comments are incorrect. I believe the thought was it had moved back to its old location on the outskirts of Hinesville in Flemington. This is not the fact, the current location requires a taxi.

Saying that handicapped ramps on the sidewalks are being renovated brings up a major question: will the crosswalk on Highway 84 between Walmart and Farmer’s be fixed? Currently, there is a crosswalk with a walk light which dead-ends into a curb, preventing wheelchairs or baby strollers access to the sidewalk. Very good planning on someone’s part.

This is to the Sound off caller in Wednesday, Dec. 5 paper where they said they noticed the gas prices have gone up 19 cents since the election. What city are you living in? The gas I bought yesterday was $3.02, how’s that up 19 cents? Come on, people, you always blame Obama.

I keep reading in the paper where services is what caused our negative fund balance. I don’t think our services had anything to do with it; I think it is our city councilman and mayor getting raises. I believe it is all those trips to China, to St. Simons and all over the place whenever they wanted to take one. I think their raises should be taken away, and they should have to repay the city for all of those trips.

Just because a special needs child is unable to speak for or defend themselves does not give the bus driver who transports them to or from school the right to mistreat them. There are such bus drivers in the system.

In my opinion, not getting your flu shot makes as much sense as not wearing your seat belt when you’re driving, or drinking and driving. I got my flu shot in September from Kroger.

If you feel the need to say ‘happy holidays’ to me over ‘merry Christmas,’ please don’t say nothing.

Liberty County Board of Education wants to know why the population of the schools have gone down, I think they have answered their own question by raising taxes. I don’t have kids in school, so why should my taxes be raised? But I’m going to have to take it upon myself to just move into the county.

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