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Sound off for Dec. 14

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Can the Courier investigate and tell us where the $5,000 that Parker’s donated to the schools will be spent? I’m pretty sure they have donated money for the past couple of years, and I’d love to know if any school received funds, or if it was all put in the central office slush fund.

As alumni at Bradwell, I think we should fire all the coaches at Bradwell. None of them have produced any winning teams in the last few years. They shouldn’t even get paid.

Come on, all Georgia residents and Liberty County residents, go down and get you a permit to have you protection of a gun. Like Kennesaw in North Georgia where they told everyone to get a gun. Tell Obama we know how to protect ourselves.

I think it’s great the people that run the city say they support small businesses. We all should support them. But then why would you have three Wal-Marts, which is a big business, taking business from the small businesses?

What happened in Kennesaw when they told all the people to get guns? Did the crimes go down? I think you’ll find out they just about didn’t have any crime there.

Preachers should be in the pulpit, on the radio, on television and tell people that they are not going to get those 72 virgins when they get there. They’ll get something alright, but it won’t be virgins. It will be hell.

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