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Sound off for Dec. 18
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We are so proud of Raekwon McMillan for all of his accomplishments and the sunlight he has brought to Liberty County and Liberty County High School. It is great for our community.

Wow, isn’t it amazing that our new superintendent can be in the newspaper for everything else, but she has a wonderful athlete in her own district who makes national news and she can never show up for that photo op. Editor’s note: Superintendent Dr. Valya Lee was present for Raekwon McMillan’s Dec. 16 college-announcement ceremony.

Why are the prices of gas at the PX on Fort Stewart always so much higher than off the base? Please give the soldiers and their families a break.

The constitution says “freedom of religion,” not freedom from religion. Christians need to start fighting back against the people who are trying to stop them from practicing their religion and being Christians. This is why people came to this country — because they were being persecuted in England.

This is to the ignorant callers caught up in the race game. Individuals who have their faces painted white are miming. It is a dance or it can be an individual art. It doesn’t matter their nationality. People with their faces painted white are usually demonstrating the art of a mime.

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