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Sound off for Dec. 19
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To all you EBT recipients who are abusing the food stamps: They are not provided so you can buy your friends midnight snacks and lottery tickets. I work hard for my little paycheck and do not appreciate paying your way. Get a life and pay your own way.

I think it’s time that the citizens of Hinesville get together and get rid of our present mayor. There is not a way that we can have a man that continually wastes our city’s money and taxes people out of their homes. Us senior citizens cannot stand a tax increase. People on fixed incomes are going to lose their homes because they’re going to be unable to pay their taxes — and I think that’s what Mayor Thomas wants.

Mr. Councilman, voting against the motion that you know is going to pass for the sake of being political shows weakness. Just like voting against the pay raise and cashing the check.

All you Democrats and carpetbaggers, I want you to look at your paychecks and look at your taxes, both in the county, in the city and in the nation. You voted for it, you live with it.

There is no law that prohibits the city from getting involved with the public works contract. The contract lists the city as the owner, which means you are in charge of all aspects of the contract, including termination of the contract. The things that prohibit this city is fear and ignorance of its leaders.

I got an idea: let’s do away with buses altogether. That way the kids will lose weight and walk to school. And also, you don’t get the letter mailed to you because it teaches the child responsibility, not you.

For all you people that are blaming President Obama for everything that is going wrong in the world: Who did you blame before he became president? Your lives are so sorry.

I do not know who Mr. Joe Gillam is, but I certainly agree with his letter to the editor in reference to 2013 is a year of waste. I have lived here 20 years, though it’s not my home — but I sure have seen a lot of wasteful tax spending. Mr. Joe Gillam, I applaud you sir for writing a letter to the editor.

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