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Sound off for Dec. 2
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I’m not looking to run for city councilman, however, I do have enough background to be one. But I’m calling to agree with the person that said we need 1-800-real change for some of the councilmen here in this county. We need to go forward and now stay in the decades of two or three years ago; we need to move forward with some of our young adults who are in the political parties.

Christians in Liberty and Long counties and all around: We really need to pray for Israel. If President Obama doesn’t stand up for Israel, America will be in unbelievable trouble, more so than we are already. Just pray that Israel won’t be caught up in this violence. Read 2 Chronicles 7:14.

I just want to remind all the children, no matter what your age, 30s, 40s, 20s, teens: Your parents bring you up when you’re little. When you get older and your parents get older, you look after them. Don’t let it be an excuse to not come see your parents because your parents are on a fixed income or have no money. Never forget, that’s your mom and dad.

Good morning, I’m walking now and I got treated very professionally and courteously. I had to have an ultrasound done at Liberty Regional Hospital. I hear all these bad things about them, but I got treated like the president, and I want the whole world to know. Everybody have a happy Thanksgiving.

I just wanted to know if the school board and everything actually does check on their employees to find out what their background is, because I do know there are certain employees who are working at certain schools who have a bad background and should not be around children.

When are all these signs going to be removed from our roadways? Also, in God we trust — not our president.

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