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Sound off for Dec. 22
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Here are some of the issues area  residents are discussing.  The statements were phoned in anonymously, so the Courier does not vouch for their veracity, nor do we know what motivated the callers:


I encourage everybody to go online to and check out the tax assessors office, what they are paying in taxes every year.
Editor’s note: That address is actually

Liberty County schools must be kidding about bucking the bullying trend. My niece was bullied all the way through middle and high school. And I’ve heard about others. They must be in complete denial or putting out false information.

I’m letting all the state employees who have been furloughed over the past year because the state says it has no money know that the Department of Natural Resources has just voted to buy a piece of property from one of their political friends for $29 million. The money needs to be spent more wisely when we have employees being furloughed.

The reason that caller doesn’t see many homeless Mexican people is that they are willing to take any kind of job they can get to make ends meet.

It would be nice if the bus routes, instead of overlapping, if just one of those buses would run down South Main, a heavily populated housing area.

How do we protect our investment? The word is not g-o-l-d. You leave the “l” out and you spell it G-o-d.

I walked in one of the martial arts places in Hinesville to enroll my son. I don’t know if it was a three-ring circus or a day care, I couldn’t tell. I turned around and walked right out.

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