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Sound off for Dec. 23
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With all the shootings going on in today’s world, is it going to come to a point where in order to get into a public building, we’re going to have to go through metal detectors?

If I’m not mistaken, the gas prices were $3.01 before the election, not after the election. And I’m not blaming Obama — I’m blaming the economy and the Congress and the Senate — I’m blaming all of them. I don’t know how we can stand four more years of this administration; not just the president, but all of them.

To the person that thinks Hinesville can teach the military something about security: I served our military for 22 years. Hinesville can’t teach our military leaders nothing. Military leaders are the best in the world. I think Hinesville should get rid of their community leaders that cannot manage a budget or petty crime. Hinesville leaders — bad apples.

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