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Sound off for Dec. 26
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To the person making comments about their water bill, something fishy: My water bill went from $169 in September to $74 in October and $89 in November. There are only three members of my household who use water on a routine basis every day. I’m going to do an investigation.

This is in reference to the caller on Sound off Dec. 14 that said, “If you want to say happy holidays to me, over merry Christmas, please don’t say anything at all:” I whole-heartedly agree, because our problem today is we took Christ out of our lives, and we need to put Christ back in Christmas. I wish everybody a merry Christmas.

I just saw that President Obama has been named Man of the Year. Oh boy, this is going to stir up some feathers. But you know, he’s a man, he’s very smart, and he’s very strong. All these weepers out there, I guess you’re going to have something to weep about now. But you can’t stop the man, he’s got it.

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