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Sound off for Dec. 28
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Maps are going out that have people’s names on it that legally have permits for their guns. I thought now we should put signs in our yards: “If you want to commit a crime, just come on because you know we’re loaded.”

When we go over the fiscal cliff, they better not do away with that Liberty bus line because all us senior citizens 70 years and older will have to go back to work because our Social Security and military retirement payments will be cancelled.

Best wishes on a 51st anniversary to a Midway couple, Jim and Edna Hill, on Dec 23.

My question is people run for office, they want the office, they beg for the office, they put signs up all over town asking people to vote for them. So why do they ask for a raise for doing very little? It is not a full-time job, and so why are they demanding for money from us after they beg us to put them in office?

Why is HPD constantly harassing motorists at the intersection of Veterans Parkway and South Main Street? I urge you to publish this in your fine newspaper

Liberty County Development Authority had their Christmas party at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Savannah. Wouldn’t it be better to use your money more wisely, like giving a raise to your hard-working people?

Have you ever looked on your phone bill and realized that you’re being taxed by Liberty and the city? Every phone that you own, every phone that everybody’s got in this city, is being taxed. So they’re making money there. On every bill we pay, you’ll see that there’s a city charge and also a county charge. And yet they don’t have any money? Why are these people spending our money? And you only give raises to people doing a good job. This is an insult to us.

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