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Sound off for Dec. 30
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I would like for someone to tell me the exact number of mass killings, killings, murders, robberies, drive-by shootings that even one gun-control law has prevented.

Ho ho ho ho and season’s greetings from our tax collectors that would send out a bill right here at Christmas. Thank you so much, Liberty County. We’ll see that we vote another bunch in next time rather than sending us a bill right here at Christmas. Happy New Year to all of you. Thank you.

How much does it cost to do the transit study? I can do it for them for free — nobody rides the buses. We’re wasting $340,000. Doesn’t make sense. They could get a minivan to carry the people around here and leave the buses parked.

I’m just reading Sunday’s paper, and I have to agree with the Sound off caller that called about Hinesville needing to get rid of (its) leaders. I could not agree more. Someone needs to put a petition in to have all from the city manager all the way down to the lowest clerk that’s a supervisor fired or recalled from office or whatever they can do to the community-elected leaders.

The Antichrist, he’ll be very smart too and fool a lot of people like Obama has.

How can Liberty County be united when there is one swearing-in ceremony for white men, and separate one for women and minorities?

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