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Sound off for Dec. 7
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Good for the person trying to get rid of Obamacare. Yes, you probably did read the law; the other person hasn’t. There will be five new taxes added to everybody because of the law, and you will pay insurance according to how much money you and your husband make — not on a flat rate. Also, there’s no free insurance for anyone.

I say to the person who complains why Sheriff Sikes did not organize a relief effort for the Northeast: Stop complaining, and go out and initiate one yourself.

The school system wants to raise the millage rate; more taxes on Liberty County. The officials up there don’t live in Liberty County, so they don’t care how much taxes are. They don’t live in Liberty County; there’s only one.

About the Liberty County Board of Education increasing the millage rate, and property taxes are going to go up by 3.23 percent. My question is: Who authorizes them, the board of education, to raise the property tax and the millage rate? And who do they answer to to increase this property tax? How come they have the right to increase property taxes for more money for the board of education?

The atheists on TV complaining about the Christmas holiday. They have their own holiday: April 1. Think about it.

I just wonder if God has a separate heaven for Democrats and Republicans? Because there’s so much hatred in the group — but I know hell won’t be separated. They’ll all be in the same place; when you sin, you sin, you’re going to hell.

If the state and federal governments have to adopt a balanced budget, why aren’t they required to live within that instead of every year raising the taxes to adjust to what they spend? Somebody’s not getting the message there.

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