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Sound off for Dec. 9
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I can’t believe there’s a parent that is concerned about how coach Brown coaches his basketball team, and their student is on the honor roll. Should the parent be contacting the university for scholarship for the kid on the honor roll?

Chief Stagmeier, please cause your patrol officers to take a proactive approach in the neighborhoods. They’re not patrolling the neighborhoods hardly at all. They’re sitting catching speeders, which is fine, during rush hours and etcetera, there’s enough of that going on all 24 hours a day. But the neighborhoods are becoming quagmires to noise, speeding and vandalism.

I would like to address this comment to the person who advocated not filling out the federal forms as a way to get back at the school system. I think you’ve been misinformed because the only person that you’re hurting by not filling out those federal forms is your child. Those federal funds go toward your child’s education and supply the resources and materials that help your child learn. If you’re not happy with what’s going on in your child’s classroom or school, you need to make an appointment with your child’s teacher or administrator and calmly discuss these issues. Many people don’t understand that teacher and administrator salaries come from earmarked local and state taxes, so the federal taxing wouldn’t hit any teachers or administrators in their pocketbooks. If you still don’t have any satisfaction once you talk to your child’s teacher or administrator, maybe home schooling might be your best option.

It’s always a sad day when you see a home that’s being sold on the courthouse steps here in Liberty County. However, it’s even sadder that when the sale is going on, you’re watching the people who were living in the house go back to it with pickup trucks and go inside and literally start removing pictures and cabinetry and anything and everything they can unscrew from the walls and take out of the house. What a sad lesson it was, teaching your children about not paying your mortgage, and then an even sadder lesson when you show your children how you can steal out from somebody who’s going to purchase a home to try and make it theirs. I pray for this family and that they realize what they are doing.

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