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Sound off for Dec. 9

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It was wrong that the assessors office closed early on Wednesday. Why? They were already off Thursday-Sunday. They need to remember that they are paid by and to serve the citizens of this county therefore make themselves available. Would it have hurt to leave one of their many, many employees there for four more hours?

Congratulations to the Coastal Courier on their newest format change. After highlighting the GSU-UGA game played eight days earlier, it is nice to see you have transformed from a NEWSpaper, which I seriously contested anyway, to a historical journal. How pathetic.

If our superintendent of schools intends to “tweet” all the time, she should make sure that she proofreads before she hits send. I am hoping it was a careless error and that she really knows the proper use of “there,” “their” and “they’re” since she is the highest paid educator in town.

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