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Sound off for Feb. 13
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I went to the Fort Stewart Commissary today and could not believe what I saw. Rotten fruit, broken eggs in seven of eight cartons, higher prices — higher than Walmart in most cases. Is this the kind of treatment that troops and retirees deserves? I think not. Oh yeah, one more thing: profane language and the smell of alcohol.

If you think the superintendent salary is outrageous, you ought to check the transportation supervisor’s salary. And he can’t get my child to school on time to have breakfast.

This is in reference to the segment about the lack of participation by white councilmen and commissioners of the MLK Parade. My question is: How many black councilmen and commissioners celebrate Confederate Memorial Day? Don’t sweep under my doormat until your doormat is clean.

Supposedly, the Liberty County Board of Education is in a financial hardship and has to adopt six furlough days for the coming academic year. Well, if they reduced the annual salary of the new superintendent $10,000-$20,000 at the most and looked at the other salaries as well, our teachers, parapros, cooks and other staff would not have to suffer.

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