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Sound off for Feb. 14
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Why is it that we do not have qualified people to do our surveys and things that we need to see about improving the business here in Liberty County? We shouldn’t have to hire people and pay over 30-something thousand for somebody to tell us how to create business here. You know how to create business? Clean up Main Street. Take those things that are on the sidewalks off and take the boards down and put people in those places where it’s boarded up. That’s what you need to do to make it look better.

Here we go again with this winter storm nonsense. People are going crazy, buying up all the bread and milk and running around like goofballs. Just calm down – it’s not coming here. Proceed with your normal lives.

I saw where the Long County commissioner thinks it’s a good idea to make every household pay an annual emergency-services tax to help get rid of the debt from the E-911 system. Let’s not do that. Taxes are not usually a good idea.

Why have so many pedestrians and people on bikes and scooters been killed or hit by cars lately? Watch where you walk people, and wear highly visible clothing. Also, drivers, please just be careful and pay attention.

I read in the paper that Hinesville’s unemployment rate decreased in December. That surprises me since getting a job around here is nothing but luck. Qualifications don’t matter. It’s all about who you know and who you’re kin to.

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