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Sound off for Feb. 14

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Four thousand six hundred and fifty-five Wal-Mart stores will soon be closing. They’re going to keep all the Supercenters and close all the small stores. Ten thousand people are going to be put out of work. So why is Hinesville opening another small store for Wal-Mart? Who decided to put these stores here that are going to be closed?

What seems to be the problem with the tax commissioner’s office? Here it is the middle of the month and we still haven’t received our property tax bills and there still hasn’t been any explanation in the Courier.
Editor’s note: The Courier published articles Dec. 23 and Feb. 11 about late property tax bills and a letter to the editor from Tax Commissioner Virgil Jones on Jan. 27.

There’s free entertainment offered near downtown Hinesville at the intersection of Main and Memorial. Take your lawn chairs and refreshments, and set them up near the roundabout you’ll get a good chuckle at how motorists react to the yield signs at a roundabout.

Mike Riddle’s worst nightmare is about to materialize when Hillary Clinton is elected president. Sixteen years of Democratic control of the White House, first by an African-American and then a woman.

I took a stroll from my house on Hancock Street, down Franklin to Taco Bell. On the way I saw six or seven PennySavers in the middle of the road. I went ahead and picked them up. Next time I’m tempted call police and have the individual responsible cited for littering. Surprisingly enough, they didn’t deliver one to my home.

Since CenturyLink put all those phone books in driver ways and they’re still sitting there weeks later, could you please pick them up and recycle them?

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