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Sound off for Feb. 15

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I think this road construction company is the worst I have ever seen. Since when do we do pieces/parts of a road, go further on down, do pieces/parts again? These people should be fined and fired. I have never in my life seen such a mucked up road.

Saw online that the city of Hinesville is now a member of the Liberty County Minority Chamber. Why are they using tax dollars to pay to be a part of that chamber when they are already paying to be Liberty County Chamber members? What is the LCMC doing for this county anyway, other than being racist and causing division? As a business owner, I am not pleased with our city’s decision to support this organization. Of course, I’m not surprised with our city council.

Sunday’s front page story about Dr. Vayla Lee was appalling! How does she still have her job? This is not her first ethical indiscretion. They can brag about technology all they want, but a good school system starts at the top and our top is rotten to the core!

Liberty cannot keep nurses because nursing leadership is absolutely terrible! Fire them all and start over.

When Adam was lonely, God gave him one woman, not 10! Take heed people.

America now has its very own Chicken Little, President Donald J. Trump

There is no surprise in the recent reported upset at the BOE. Snakes work together to handle the prey; eventually one has to own it all. BOE members must stop protecting this lady. She has been up to no good for her tenure. Did the BOE members, other than Marcus Scott, not think anything was wrong with taking business to her spouse’s place of business?

What’s funny about the “so-called” POTUS threatening to “destroy” someone’s career because they have a differing opinion? Seriously? When does all this foolishness stop? This guy is embarrassing America. Then Pence gave the vote to help an incompetent get a job. We are better than all of this.

America’s Greatness lies in its wondrous diversity our magnificent pluralism has made this country great our ever-winding diversity will make us great. God bless America.

All the people who are in favor of impeaching Donald Trump, just hold tight. He’s going to hang himself sooner or later.

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