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Sound off for Feb. 16
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Our taxes have gone up, our tags on our car were very high this year. And I’m wondering how much the mayor pays on his Porsche that he parks in the handicapped spot. How much taxes has he paid? Ours is very high.
I agree with the person about the roads — the potholes are horrible, and maybe they should pay for the alignment of our cars. Also, it has been a long, long time since I’ve seen anybody repaint the lines on the streets. Why are we not taking care of our streets? I bet China has better streets than us.
It’s good to see a drug-dealing thug cannot tarnish the good name of our county commissioner.

 There was a really interesting article about the commissary in the paper the other day and how it affects our economy in Liberty County. I don’t understand that, because if you opened a grocery store in Liberty County, you would employ 79 people. And $39 million worth of sales would equate to about $3 million of sales tax going to the local economy.
 AIE is dangerous for short people with little arms. We have to unbuckle our seat belts, sometimes open the door, slide the card, the gate opens, drive through or hold up traffic, wrestle with locking the seat belt, while keeping an eye on the CAC card, and drive. Keep the people — Fort Stewart is not a private residential neighborhood.

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