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Sound off for Feb. 19
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Why is the Liberty County School System trying to get rid of the STAR program? That is such a wonderful program and it has benefitted so many kids, including my child. Please do not get rid of the STAR program. We need it in the Liberty County School System.

I no longer watch Law & Order or CSI because I get all the police drama I need with the Ludowici PD and Midway PD.

Why don’t people on Leroy Coffer/196 know how to drive? You cannot just stay in the left lane unless you’re passing. Stop riding even with the car next to you in the right lane and creating giant rolling roadblocks where all the cars back up behind you for miles. Move over.

I’m a veteran and was recently seen at Wayne Memorial Hospital in Jesup for outpatient services, and I was treated so well out there with the utmost courtesy. I would definitely take my hat off to Wayne Memorial. Also the yellow ribbons that everybody has on their cars here in Hinesville, it’s a joke. That’s all it is — one big joke.

People, stop going in the self-checkout lanes and the express lanes if you have more than 10 or 15 items. Those areas are for people who are just picking up a few things. Stop clogging them up.

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