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Sound off for Feb. 19
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"That 19-year-old in Florida, who killed so many people, was not allowed by buy cigarettes or beer. But he could buy an assault rifle? Does that sound bass-acwards to anyone else?"

"Savannah, Jesup, Chatham County and several other municipalities in Coastal Georgia are looking in to lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies for the opioid crisis. We need to look at our own congressmen and his largest donors are the pharmaceutical companies. So, is he a part on this problem? Maybe in November we need to vote him out of office."

"Didn’t John Kelly break federal laws by giving someone who didn’t have a security clearance classified information? So, who else in the Trump white house has seen classified information that didnt have a security clearance?"

"People, the 2018 elections will be upon us shortly and our presidential election is less than a thousand days away. I pray that we will think more deeply about what we’re electing, about who we’re electing, be it local, state, federal, Republican or Democrat, because that person becomes the embodiment of America. God bless America."

"My kid came home looking down because her friend had her iPad on the bus, but her teacher wouldn’t let her bring hers home because she is in a regular classroom. Her principal says she can only bring it home if she is gifted. My child now has low self-esteem. The board members need to do something about this."

"City Council of Walthourville, Do your job and represent the citizens of Walthourville the way they deserve to be represented. Stop being selfish and only thinking of yourselves."

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