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Sound off for Feb. 20
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When I try and look up the address of a local business, and their telephone number, I usually try Google or the Yellow Pages. Works for me. Thank you.

The cartoon on the editorial page in Sunday’s Courier that depicts the Democratic donkey as a dark-skinned cannibal is one of the most disgusting political cartoons I have ever seen. The Courier should be ashamed for running something like that.

Why do people persecute people after they have already been to court, been judged and get their sentences? You’d still rather persecute them than help them. I don’t get it. Please tell me: Who made you God?

I’m retired E7, been going to the commissary since ’85, never had anything happen to me like what allegedly happened to that person. Was that person having a bad hair day? Was the commissary having a bad hair day? All of the above? With the smell of alcohol, foul language?

Regardless of the transportation secretary’s salary, it is your job to get your child breakfast, not his.

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