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Sound off for Feb. 24
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Here are some of the issues area residents are discussing. The statements were phoned in anonymously, so the Courier does not vouch for their veracity, nor do we know what motivated the callers:


The weather pattern from the Book of Revelations started two weeks ago. And it is going to take love and prayer and a change of atmosphere for things to calm down and be livable.

To the person who doesn’t think blacks have equality, maybe they should check out the county census, because blacks and Mexicans are taking over.

You want to complain about blacks not having equality? What about whites? Do we have a white American month or white history month? No, because it would be called racist.

Well, the teachers here are put on furlough to save money. DeKalb, Georgia, sends their teachers on the taxpayers’ money to Hollywood to a spa. This is a crying shame.

Our street sign was removed in June ’09 to pave a street that intersects ours. That work was completed in the fall so I called to complain and was told it takes a long time, that a new sign is on order. I asked why not just put the old one back up. I was told they don’t do that. Well, Liberty County that’s your tax dollars are work, or should I say wasted.

EEO counselors need to notify bosses that it is against the law for them to harass, demote or fire someone because they put in an equal opportunity complaint about race or whatever.

America, wake up, this is Black History Month.

I’d like to thank the Long County tax commissioner for the new Web site so people can now know who is paying their taxes and who’s not.

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