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Sound off for Feb. 27
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Well parents, now your kids in high school, they’re going to get in trouble if they don’t report other kids. Isn’t that a sad thing. The more kids they get out of the classrooms, I guess the less work the teachers have to do. It’s not your kids’ responsibility to report other kids, and who wants their kid to get beat up after school for being a snitch?

You know what the meaning of frustration is? Having to stand in line for 30-35 minutes at the post office to get a book of stamps. Why don’t they have a policy where whenever they finish with a customer, they say, “Does anybody just want a book of stamps?” and have them go to the front of the line. Think about it, post office.

I’m concerned about the way the SPLOST funds are spent. I went to the county and tried to get a copy of the SPLOST breakdowns for the last couple of years, and nobody knows what it is, where I can get it or how I can get a copy. Please tell the county commissioners to wake up and provide it.

Do the people complaining about the white commissioners not riding in the MLK parade, do they realize there are only two white commissioners on a board of seven? And only one white city councilman on the board of five? Maybe they need to learn to look up information.

OK schools, if you want kids to stay in school and graduate, treat them like you expect them to be the best and expect the best from them. Don’t treat them like you’re looking for a problem every time they turn around. You’re trying to get them in trouble. Have an attitude adjustment, and maybe kids will like school. Many teachers have a poor attitude about kids.

I sure hope all you Democrats that voted in this last election are happy with the high gas prices, bad economy and high unemployment rates. Enjoy it, we’ve got four more years of this mess.

I agree to the person about PE. We didn’t have great gyms like we do today, but we did get out and run. Twice a day the teachers, morning and afternoon, should get them out and run so they’re not sleeping in class. And it stimulates the brain so they’re doing better in school. Sitting for four hours at a time is not good for any kid.

If President Obama doesn’t get anything else done, just one thing should be a part of his legacy: he has exposed the heart of man. The good, the bad, the ugly — that’s legacy alone.

In reference to promotions at the Midway Police Department: For some apparent reason, there are always promotions on the Liberty County and all the other police departments. We have two members of the Coastal Courier here for the recent ceremony. Please advise on that.

I spoke wrong — that guy was right about his complaints about the commissary. I don’t smell well, that’s why I never smelled it. Corrective action should be taken.

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