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Sound off for Feb. 6
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The Obamas are one of the rich elite people in Washington, D.C. They are not poor at all; they have no idea how the poor live in this country. They don’t care how the poor people live in this country, they talk about the middle class. They’re above everybody, and most of the hardworking people pay taxes to take care of them.

I get a lot of No. 6 plastic, and I get a lot of Styrofoam, but there are no recycling bins for them. I keep wondering why.

Please tell me that the Liberty County Board of Education will try to negotiate a better deal for the new superintendent. $184,000 a year is way too much, and I’m sure there’s a qualified candidate out there who would probably do that job for about half.

I just got through reading the Sound off, and someone gave congratulations to the Long County Sheriff’s department for pulling over a four-wheeler. I’m glad to see they’re doing it, and they need to do it more. They are a menace; they do not have a license, they don’t have a tag; they don’t have a log of safety equipment, insurance or anything else. They need to get them off the road because I’ve nearly hit a couple of them crossing in front of me.

What ever happened to the investigation with the county commissioner that was acting like he was the deputy sheriff or had a badge?

You know you can tell the good ol’ boy system is still going well in Midway, Georgia. Somebody can tear up another person’s car by hitting them and they get somebody to lie for them and they get by with it just because the other person’s from out of state.

People with small minds make big problems, and intelligent people have tendencies to outsmart themselves.

It would be so wonderful if we could get a Subway to come to Midway.

I live in Fleming. I’m concerned about the fire departments in the county — seems all of the money is going to the western end off the county and none to the eastern end side. Could somebody please put in the paper what is happening? Thank you.

I call my vet, so what I’m telling you is right: The proper way to put the flea collar on the kitty is you should be able to put your finger between the collar and the kitty-cat’s neck.

I live in a small subdivision in Long County. I know there are laws about shooting in close proximity of houses, but why is it every time I go outside, it seems like one of my neighbors wants to shoot off and keeps shooting on my property? It seems like nothing is ever done when you call the sheriff’s office.

OK, already. I’m tired of using a magnifying glass to read the Parade magazine in the Sunday paper. Since senior citizens seem to be the largest part of the Coastal Courier fan club, it looks like you would accommodate us. Hope so.

Dr. Scherer owes teachers an apology because of her cutting remark in the Feb. 3 edition. Teachers don’t work evenings and weekends without extra pay because of a lack of efficiency; it’s called dedication, Dr. Scherer.

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