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Sound off for Feb. 7
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I see in community news that they are trying to get more businesses to come to Hinesville. But why are they going to Vegas? That’s taxpayers’ money, but they claim Hinesville don’t have any money. They raised the water and sewer bill. They are not hiring people that are qualified and need jobs. What’s going on?

With all the money the city of Walthourville has invested in their new city hall and the surrounding landscape, couldn’t they spare a few dollars to replace that horrible rag, that tattered piece that they have hanging in front of the fire department masquerading as an American flag?

Does anybody else other than myself think that the food-stamp system is an injustice toward us taxpayers? Please, people, speak up.

To the person that says Liberty Transit system is a waste: That’s not true. Not everyone has cars to get where they’re going, especially some elderly. There are empty buses, I agree, but maybe if they added more routes going toward Midway and hired more drivers, it would not be a waste.

I would like to say to the Walthourville City Councilmen, I was down there one day to pay my bill and I would like to say that one city councilwoman is very disrespectful to the city clerk of Walthourville. I would like to say to the mayor of Walthourville and the rest of the councilmen that have common sense: Wake up and tell this councilperson to be respectful to the clerk down there in Walthourville. She is still disrespectful at the council meetings, and she mistreats people that work down there at the city of Walthourville.

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